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Then one day a few years later Splic awoke with a start . . .

The block of ice that was her house cracked strangely and a growl of a close  angry bear panicked her. She felt so alone and scared when suddenly she heard:

          -   The sea ice is breaking down. I think we are going to melt and finally

              be free!  said her neighbor Sploc, as he was stretching himself

              vigorously.  I would like to travel further north, it seems so beautiful!

 Splic timidly dared to speak, so not to engage in the conversation. 

          -  In addition, I am afraid of going south one day, during the long journey
            and I must cross the sewers! They say so many bad things about that!

          - I would like to take the conveyor belt! It goes around the ocean

           and in a thousand years and then I could visit the whole world ...

           What about coming with me? Sploc asked his neighbor, who he thought

           was pretty as she was waking up.

Their ice blocks were smashed into so small pieces scattered by the wind. Without doing anything the droplets were floating free again among the sea angels.

Stop !