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What a winter that year was! . . . After roaming  up hill and down dale to the rhythm of the water cycle for such a long time, Splic a small and lonely sad drop of water arrived up north
against her will.  In this cold water of the ocean lives the polar bears and they are kings.

          - What an icy bath! She moaned.

          - Welcome to the sea angels!  They shouted out in chorus. A tiny bunch of

            translucent and colorful creatures so beautiful and cruel at the same

            time.  They were swimming vertically and flapping their wings to move

            forward. They also spread their tentacles to catch passing prey.

Splic filled with wonder by such a sight could not reply to this amazing welcome because
the wind and cold froze her into sea ice . . .

Trapped in a beautiful icy coat covered with snow she instantly fell asleep for a long, long,
long time ...

While in her deep sleep, Splic worked actively for the well-being of the ocean without knowing it.

Her beautiful white coat returned to the atmosphere as the rays of the sun beat on her,
reducing the absorption of heat by the ocean and its warming...

She and the other frozen drops threw out sea salt into the water which activated the mechanism
of a large conveyor belt called "marine current" or "thermohaline circulation" ("thermo" for temperature and haline "for salt) by people.

Stop !