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Whenever Mr. H., a world-famous cosmologist, makes a new discovery, it makes front-page news all around the world.

Although most people who read newspapers are fascinated by astronomy, the explanations Mr. H. usually gives are

too hard for most people to understand, so they usually just end up reading the title of the article and looking

at the interesting pictures.

Today’s headline all over the world was:

           “Enormous Meteorite to Hit Planet This Friday the 13th at 1:13 PM GMT

          - Impossible to Know Where It Will Land!”

The entire planet was in a panic.

But what could the number thirteen mean?

Mr. H. was not panicking like everyone else. He was intrigued by the meteorite and was determined to study the secrets

of the strange cosmic rock heading towards Earth.

Not knowing where it would eventually land, Mr. H. packed three different suitcases: one for warmweather regions,

one for cold-weather regions, and a third with diving equipment in case the meteorite landed in the sea.