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10 Easy Actions to Save Energy and Protect Climate

1. I turn the lights out when leaving a room.

2. I switch off the computer and television completely. Electric appliances still use energy when they are on standby.

    I also unplug my cell phone charger as soon as my cell phone is recharged.

3. I remind adults of using the air conditioning as little as possible in the car.

4. I advice mum to cover the pans when cooking.

5. I advice mum to buy regional products rather than those from other countries, because these are usually transport by plane,

   which is very harmful for the Earth.

6. I prefer taking a shower to a bath, which allows me to use less hot water.

7. For longer journeys, I take the train instead of the plane.

8. I get organized with my friends and neighbours to travel together in the same car, and I walk whenever it is possible.

9. I close doors to keep the warmth inside and put on warmer clothes so that the heating does not need to be turned up.

10. I sort the garbage as recycling a product is more energy-efficient than producing it from scratch.


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