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Stop !

theme : the anthropocene, that is to say the new period of the Earth's history that began in the late 18th century with the industrial revolution. This word means "era of the human", because since the beginning of this period the excessive way individuals use fossil resources - coal, oil and gas - has impacted the environment and has altered the natural balance of climate.


theme : discovery of renewable energy created by the movement of the waves

  Mystery . . .  for Mister H.

theme : fiction to discover scientific professions

wich will be present in the new Belgian base in Antarctica

The Ice Magician

theme : discovery of methane, greenhouse gas produced in part by bacteria and buried in large quantities in the frozen soil of the polar regions. Its warming potential is 25 times greater than CO2.


The Prince of the Winds and the Sea Snake

? ! 

Balbuzard and the keys

of the knowledge

              Ocean's Revolt

     theme : fiction to discover that excess of CO2
     released into the atmosphere disturbs the ocean
     balance and its underwater life